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Duplex Fasteners


S.I Stud Inc. are manufacturers and stockiest of Hex Bolts & Stud Bolts in Duplex Stainless Steel.

We provide Full Threads/Half Threads configuration with UNC Threading type. We have ready stock material in Duplex Steel Fasteners in grades like Duplex 2205 & Duplex 2304 etc and all other grades of duplex, to customer specification. 

Basically a microstructure of Austenite and Ferrite in equal proportions combining the properties of both. Duplex stainless steels have high corrosion resistance as well as a high strength. Mechanical properties are around double that of a typical austenitic grade such as 316. 
For every project we want best resources to make it successful and the ideal way to select best resources is to search more and then invest. Benefits are several when you are going to invest in duplex stainless steel tools as these are come with high strength and durability with long lifespan. When it comes to use pipe fittings, fasteners, flanges then it’s really important to consider the strength and that’s what these duplex fasteners will provide you.

Benefits: Light weight and having high strength, highly resistant to cracking and corrosion, low cost and greater price stability.

Composition: 22% Chromium, 5 % nickel. Hex Nuts, Heavy Hex Nuts, Lock Nuts, Nylon Lock Nuts, Jam Nuts, Dome Nuts, Toomey Bar Nuts, Square Nuts

Having worked with duplex since its outset, the duplex bolting continues to account for a core part of our business, along with Super duplex.

Duplex Alloy Common Name Related Specs (EU) Related Specs (UNS) Related Specs (ASTM/ASME)
Alloy 2205 SSAF 2205 1.4462 S32205 F60
31803 31803 1.4462 S31803 F51