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Super Duplex Fasteners


S.I Stud Inc. offers Super Duplex Steel and Zeron 100 Fasteners.

These fasteners are manufactured of duplex steel and last for longer time. Being highly utilized in nature, these fasteners are used in petrochemicals plants, oil refineries. Our products are also used in industrial machinery, power industry and marine industry. We offer these fasteners in customized specifications, sizes and finishes at fair prices with guarantee to meet your delivery schedule.

S.I Stud Inc. is one of the pioneer producers of Super Duplex bolting. This stainless steel grades are similar to standard duplex, however containing a higher content of Chromium, thus enhancing the corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. We produce fasteners in all three types of Super Duplex.

"Super" duplex grades have enhanced pitting and crevice corrosion resistance compared with the ordinary austenitic or duplex types. This is due to the further additions of chromium, molybdenum, and nitrogen to these grades. It also conforms, or is similar to, EN / DIN 4501 / 1.4501 / X2CrNiMoCuWN25.7.4 / UNS 32760 / S32760, UNS - ASTM A276 S32760 / AISI F55. ISO 1.4410 / UNS S32550 / UNS S32750 / Z3CNDU25.07Az / SS2328 / X2CrNiMoCuN25.6.3.

The main advantage of super-duplex F55 / UNS 32760 / 1.4501 stainless steel is the combination of properties given by both the austenitic and ferritic structure (austeno-ferritic). Stainless steel super-duplex grade F55 / UNS S32760 / EN / DIN 4501 / 1.4501 / X2CrNiMoCuWN25.7.4 / UNS 32760 / UNS - ASTM A276 S32760 / AISI F55 / Z3CND25.06Az, can be used for heat exchangers, chemical tanks, refineries, shafts (marine, etc) pressure vessel parts, flanges, fittings & pipes for the oil and gas industries and offshore technology, compressor parts and seawater desalination plants amongst many other applications.

Duplex Alloy Common Name Related Specs (EU) Related Specs (UNS) Related Specs (ASTM/ASME)
Alloy 225 Ferralium 225 1.4507 S32550 F61
Zeron 100 Zeron 100 1.4501 S32760 F55
Alloy 2507 SAF 2507 1.441 S32750 F53